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Acerca de



We breed species that adapt as much as possible to the territory,
both belonging to races originally native to the place, and obtained from specially studied crosses.


Over the years we have found ourselves very close to the breed Gypsy Vanner, also known asTinker or Irish Cob, originating in Ireland and Great Britain. They are known around the world for their elegant looks, but in their home country they are also valued for their versatility and devotion to work. They are "master" horses that tend to establish a very close bond with the owner who knows how to conquer them. They have a very strong but sufficiently agile structure, selected for light towing (they had to pull the gypsy caravans), a feature that we found particularly suitable for trekking given their natural predisposition to work and the attention they pay in probing the paths. We breed them both in purity and crossed with the Irish Draft/ Irish Sport Horse, less showy breed but taller and leaner, which gives it more agility and less problems to the skin of the limbs.




We have chosen to breed a rustic breed that was formerly linked to the territory.

Our choice fell on the cow Bianca Val Padana, also called Modenese or Carpigiana, which in the past was widespread in Emilia but which risked extinction with the advent of more productive breeds. A particularly long-lived and robust breed, so much so that once the oxen were even used to work the fields and you can still find cows still in production that are over 15 years old. Its distinctive feature, in addition to the white coat to which it owes its name, is the typical pink inverted "V" on the muzzle. But the feature that makes it even more special is the rich and unique composition of its milk, which makes it very suitable for cheese making, giving the possibility to create unique products such as the well-known Parmigiano Reggiano.

On the farm you will also find ..


Pierina, for friends "Pippi", our Asino Romagnolo an ancient breed very present in the region in the past that has seen a considerable reduction in the number until almost extinction.

They are very sociable and intelligent animals, large in size, were used in the past both for towing and for pack.




Our natural lawnmowers are our sheep Cornella Bianca.

Like our cows, our sheep also belong to typical Emilia-Romagna breeds. A characteristic common to many of the ancient breeds is that they have horns not only in rams but also in females. In the ram they have a much more important growth than in the sheep, from year to year they grow in a spiral making it look more and more impressive and spectacular.


Dogs are our precious helpers.

We have specifically chosen the Australian Cattledog because they are tireless and very willing workers. Their agility and sturdiness make them perfect for working with livestock and they are not at all intimidated by large animals.

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