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Horse riding

Horse riding lessons and rides

We organize riding lessons and horseback riding in Bologna customized according to the level of experience.

Our passion for exploration and nature makes us discover ever new paths in order to better adapt according to the climate and customer experience.

Our horses are very calm and experienced, they know the trails perfectly, allowing, even those who approach for the first time to an experience in the saddle in nature, to feel at ease within a few minutes. For those who are very fearful or for special cases it is also possible to be accompanied by hand.

For those who are more experienced or have their own horse, it is possible to walk for several hours, or to book a multi-day trek with overnight stay and refreshment at affiliated facilities.

The riding lessons are also shaped according to the level of the rider and his aspirations, whether you want to simply assimilate the basics, or whether you want to deepen a type of discipline.

For the little ones it is possible to take a small ride in the saddle on the property. The children, guided by the operator, will be able to have their first experience in the saddle, called "baptism of the saddle", in complete safety.


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Taming and training

At the farm we make use of the experience of Luigi (LHT-luigihorsetrainer).

Horseman for generations, he took his first steps on horseback at an early age, becoming passionate about Western riding and perfecting himself under the guidance of various masters.

For many years he dedicated himself to training Western race horses, and then began to train trekking horses.

Its strong point is the taming and re-education of difficult horses since it manages to get in tune with the horse and adapt the work to the individual subject.

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